Imigongo Chapel

su 2019—07

This project is an exploration in architectural form and a reflection of local Rwandan artistic practices. Inspired by the traditional art of Imigongo, this project aims to create meaning for all Rwandans regardless of their ethnic ancestry.  Imigongo artworks are composed from a series of even-width-lines that arrange themselves in a compact composition. Similarly, the chapel’s exterior is conceptualized as a thickened compacted line that turns and travels in space within a simple geometric volume.

Imigongo Chapel is an abstraction of the local artistic linework and it encourages unity in a nation recently divided. It creates a new church architecture with a robust formal language devoid of traditional religious symbols, but full of unique spatial moments. It is both a space of self-reflection and merely a moment within a continuous religious journey.

Competition entry w/ Miroslava Brooks + Daniel Markiewicz

architecture + design
Instagram, issuu
New Haven, Connecticut