Housey House
Conceptual Investigation

sp 2019—06

With a clashing of grids, this house relates to context while being in conflict within itself.  This house longs for relationship while finding itself absolved in placelessness. This house is both large and small, floating and grounded, light and heavy, white and dark, and volumetric and planar. This confusion of scales, weights, colors, and dimensions is representative of human nature, where we simultaneously seek to relate the inner infinity of our soul with the outer infinity of the cosmos. We all want to be known, but we do not want to reveal our innermost secrets. We feel like we belong, but are also misunderstood. 

This house also recognizes that architecture babble is often a  load of nonsense, and it it just a silly little housey house. 

Independent Model Study

architecture + design
Instagram, issuu
New Haven, Connecticut